My Quest to Find the Best Places for Tea in London

Kitty Blake, Tea in London
London Calling

Tea at Three aims to hunt out the best places for a decent cup of tea in London.

The capital is huge, and exploring the sights can leave you parched.
Refreshment is best taken in the time-honoured British way – take the weight off your feet, and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

We usually head to the most convenient spot to refuel. There may, however, be a delightful tea room just around the corner. Allow me to hunt out such places on your behalf, so saving your legs for further exploration.

I enjoy a bit of culture, so teashops in galleries, museums and bookshops will feature.
If the tea is loose leaf, served in a cup from china pot in pleasing surroundings, then all the better.

So whether you are visiting or live here, please join me on my quest to find the best places for tea in London. I have create a handy Tea Map of London, updated as I go along.

Please let me any feedback or suggestions by commenting on posts or contact me.

Kitty Blake, Tea in London*


Best Places for Tea in LondonBest Places for Tea in LondonBest Places for Tea in London

About Tea At Three

I visit each establishment anonymously and don’t receive payment for reviews. I only post places that I like and would happily re-visit.
I wish to celebrate our finest tea shops, where we can sit, ponder, watch the world go by and appreciate our wonderful city.


I was thrilled, to be chosen as Blog of the Week by The Daily Constitutional.
This is the blog for London Walks, who organise fantastic guided walks – if you have been in London for any length of time you will recognise their white folded pamphlet that can be picked up at tourist attractions.

Note to London Tea Shops

If you have any offers you would like me to bring to the awareness of my readers, please contact me.

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  1. Kitty, you should try finding a decent cup of tea in the United States! Aside from places that serve afternoon tea, very few places know how to make tea. Sad!

    • Kitty says:

      That is sad, but they have you – and your lovely kettle – so there is hope! Maybe you can visit London one day, although I have to say the tea here is not always up to scratch – I think you could teach folk a thing or two about warming the pot – or even using a pot:-)

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