Tea in London, Summer 2012

A few pics from my wanderings to find a lovely cup of tea in London

Since my first Tea at Three post from the British Museum, I have visited some wonderful places and enjoyed some lovely cups of tea.
I have discovered that speciality loose-leaf tea is really quite trendy at places like Tea, Yumchaa and Drink, Shop and Do, and found some delightful traditional tea rooms at Tea and Tattle and Camellia’s Tea House.
Arty and quirky places include Camera Cafe, Poetry Cafe, Candid Cafe and even a (very shy!) cafe with no name.
I had a really enjoyable tour at Somerset House, where I also saw the fantastic Rolling Stones Exhibition, and even had some great cuppas in Railway Stations; St Pancras, Paddington and Liverpool Street.
So as the summer-that-never-really-started, draws to a close and we pull on our hats and scarfs, above are some photographs taken on my wanderings.
I hope you will join me for autumn in London and, hopefully, some nice, warming hot steaming cups of tea!

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Find your way to a lovely cuppa: Tea Map of London

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4 Responses to Tea in London, Summer 2012

  1. Heidi says:

    Oh, what a lovely time you must have had during your tea discoveries though. My husband and I were in London in May and our only tea stop was rather a disappointment. We did the tourist thing…’Nuff said. If I had been by myself, it would have been all tearooms! Your pics are wonderful

    Enjoy you Fall cuppa.

  2. Kitty says:

    Hello Heidi, thanks for popping by and for your kind comments. Yes, I did have a lovely time:-) Sorry to hear you had mediocre cuppa while in England, it is shameful to us all when tourists get second rate treatment, and one of the reasons I started Tea at Three. I hope it hasn’t put you off and you visit us again soon.

  3. Carys Buttermoon says:

    I have enjoyed your summer meanderings.
    Your discovery of desirable tea houses in central London. I look forward to your autumn travels.

  4. Kitty says:

    Dear Carys,
    Thank you for message.
    I am really looking forward to finding some lovely cuppas this autumn, so great to have you along!

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