Tea and Tattle, Bloomsbury

Tea and Tattle, Bloomsbury
Tea and Tattle
Arthur Probsthain is an independent family-run bookshop, established in 1903.
Specialising in books from and about, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, with a branch at the School of African and Oriental Studies.
My favorite places to visit are India and Turkey, so coming across this bookshop was a very happy discovery indeed.

Tea and Tattle tea room is a delightful find in this central location. Downstairs from the bookshop, it is beautifully decorated in traditional style; a civilised haven of calm.

A lovely oriental wallpaper frieze of storks taking flight with cherry blossom covers one wall, and there is a pleasing mis-match of furniture.

They offer and excellent range of teas. Taiwanese oolong, Japanese sencha, Kenyan fannings, Ceylon from Sri Lanka and Assam (India).
I thoroughly enjoyed my pot of Darjeeling. Served in a handsome Tea & Tattle teapot and vintage china cup and saucer it was welcome refreshment.

Tea and Tattle also offer afternoon tea, cakes and cream teas. I had an excellent freshly made hummus and red pepper sandwich with my tea. Service is efficient and polite.

Being opposite the British Museum, Tea and Tattle is a perfect place to take refreshments after exploring the treasures of the world.

Tea and Tattle Bloomsbury

Tea and Tattle, tea shop BloomsburyTea and Tattle, Bookshop

Canteen Covent Garden Tea in London
Price Tea and Tattle, LondonPrice of a Cuppa : £3.50 Pot of Darjeeling
 LeafLeaf or Bag : Not sure..will have to pay another visit :-))
London Tea PotCrockery : Pretty cups and Tea and Tattle teapots
Tea MusicMusic : None. Bliss, peace, heaven! Bring/buy a book or have a ponder
Tea cup LondonService : Very good
TeapotKitty says: Perfect place to escape the crowds if visiting the British Museum
Address: 41 Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3PE (opposite the British Museum)
Website: Tea and Tattle

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