Prufrock Coffee, Leather Lane

Tea at Prufrock Coffee, Leather Lane
Beijing Breakfast
from Laoshan Mountain
Shangdong Province

‘…the evenings, mornings, afternoons,
I have measured out my life with coffee spoons’

T.S. Elliot.
The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Prufrock coffee has a reputation bar none in the world of the coffee geek. I hope they don’t mind being referred to as geeks as they are charming and friendly folk, but the lengths they go to make a brew are impressive.
No flicking the kettle on here, this is a veritable laboratory of caffeine. Chrome contraptions to weigh, time, filter and take temperature.

I visited with a friend and we sat at the bar, chatting away, but our eyes kept wandering to the shiny paraphernalia and expert preparation; on enquiry, we discover that this is no ordinary coffee shop.
The proprietor of Prufrock is a world barista champion, and they run B.R.A.T.- Barista Resource and Training – in the basement. Workshops on offer include, among other things, milk-froth art.
I felt a bit nervous asking for tea, but a trap-door didn’t open and swallow me; and, naturally they had sourced the fine Beijing Breakfast from the Shangdong Province via Postcard Teas.
My tea was prepared with care and precision – timed for three minutes at the prescribed temperature. I was instructed to ask for further steeping as better tasting than first. It was very good cuppa indeed.

The interior is stylish urban-minimal and the clientele a mix of young and hip, some city suits and traders from the market.
The care and pride in what they do is apparent, and a joy to watch.

Prufrock Coffee, Leather LanePrufrock KettlePrufrock Coffee, Leather Lane

Prufrock Coffee Tea in London
Tea in London Prufrock price teaPrice of a Cuppa : £2.50
Tea in London Prufrock teaLeaf or Bag : Leaf
Tea in London Prufrock teaCrockery : Special pot that leaves can be removed to prevent stewing. You keep leaves for next brew.
Tea in London Prufrock Coffee teaMusic : Background
Tea in London Prufrock teaService : Friendly, efficient
Tea in London Prufrock teaKitty says: Quite inspiring
Food: Sandwiches, salads, cakes; all look very good.
Address: 23-25 Leather Lane, London EC1N 7TE
Website: Prufrock Coffee

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