Orchard, Sicilian Avenue

Green tea Orchard Sicilian Avenue
Green tea
Sicilian Avenue

Finding myself in Holborn one evening, caught in a shower without an umbrella. A bit damp, sore feet and slightly peckish. In need of a cuppa and some sustenance. I cut across Sicilian Avenue heading to bus stop, but saw – Orchard – Vegetarian Kitchen and Grocer! The goddess of teatime is smiling on me!

A warm welcome, and minutes later, a pot of green tea!
I had intended to stay just until the rain stopped, but was unable to resist the Heritage Potato salad with parsley and Green Beans with toasted Sunflower seeds and Yoghurt. The salad was exceptional, proper cooking…and the potatoes were blue! I am in love with this place!
Orchard has a lovely laid back, urban-rustic vibe. Oak tables, enamel-ware and baskets of apples. Open till eight in the evening (very civilised), the menu focuses on soup, sandwiches and salad, so a perfect place for supper. The bread was warm, delicious and freshly baked, as are the cakes and pastries. If you are not vegetarian, don’t be put you off, the food is amazing and not a tofu in sight.

The price is very reasonable…and the tea was lovely!

Orchard RestaurantTables at Orchard RestaurantOrchard Restaurant

Tea at Three, Tea in London Notes
Price of a Cup of Tea in LondonPrice of a Cuppa : £2.25 pot of green tea
Tea in London, Tea LeafLeaf or Bag : Bag, Twinings, I think..will go back and check:-)
Cup of Tea in London, Tea PotCrockery : Nice white pot and enamel mug
Tea shops in London with MusicMusic : None! Bliss!
Cup of Tea in LondonService : Really friendly.
Kitty Blake Little TeapotKitty says: Recommended. Exceptional food, lovely people.
Address: 11 Sicilian Avenue London WC1A 2QH
Website: Orchard

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