Merchant of Bishopsgate, Liverpool St. Station

The Merchant of Bishopsgate, Liverpool Street Station
Tea & Marmite on Toast
Liverpool Street Station
Railway journeys are the perfect time to enjoy a nice cup of tea.
Pootling through the countryside with a cuppa is about as good as it gets.
Finding refreshment at the station, however, can be challenging.
Fast-food tea can mean juggling a paper cup of hot liquid, trying to dispose of the tea bag while hanging onto luggage, tickets etc., perched on an unsuitable stool.

So when taking a train from Liverpool Street, I gave myself plenty of time to explore the area for a civilised cuppa.
It is a beautiful Victorian station with warm brickwork, painted wrought iron pillars and vaulted roof. It is also quite disorientating and I always seem to get lost. It was with relief therefore, that I came across – ‘The Merchant of Bishopgate: A Most Hospitable Retreat in the Belly of Liverpool Street’.

Peering through the window, the jars of Marmite on the tables lured me in, partial as I am to a bit of toast with this fine savoury spread.

The Merchant of Bishopsgate, is a roomy space for a station cafe and, at least at when I visited at 10.30am mid-week, there were plenty of places to sit.
The interior has exposed brickwork, wood panelling and industrial lighting with nice touches like the overhead luggage racks with vintage suitcases.

The Twinings tea was excellent, served in a little white china pot; the granary toast delicious thin-cut and crunchy with poppy seeds and linseed.

Merchant of Bishopsgate, Liverpool Street StationThe Merchant of Bishopsgate, Liverpool Street StationMerchant of Bishopsgate, Liverpool Street Station

Merchant of Bishopsgate Tea in London
Merchant of Bishopsgate, pricePrice of a Cuppa : Twinings Everyday £1.90, Teapigs £2.50
Merchant of Bishopsgate, Tea LeafLeaf or Bag : Bag
Merchant of Bishopsgate, Tea PotCrockery : White china teapot and cup
Merchant of Bishopsgate MusicMusic : Slightly annnoying
CMerchant of Bishopsgate LondonService : Friendly
Merchant of Bishopsgate, foodFood : Very nice toast and Marmite.
Menu (PDF)
Merchant of BishopsgateKitty says: A very pleasant place to sit while waiting for your train
Address: Liverpool Street Station EC2M 7QH
Website: The Merchant of Bishopsgate

I was on my way for a couple of relaxing days at the lovely Lifehouse Spa. This was a very nice way to start my journey.

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