Kusmi Tea, Marylebone High Street

White Tea Kusmi Tea Marylebone High Street
White Tea
Kusmi Tea
Marylebone High Street
Tea makes a wonderful gift, and Kusmi Teas exotic and colourful packaging means you don’t even need wrapping paper.

With its fashionable Gallic style and visual flair, I had assumed that Kusmi was originally a Parisian company.

But as I discovered on their website, Kusmi was started 140 years ago by a P.M. Kousmichoff, the son of a Russian peasant. There is a London connection as his son came here in 1907 to hone his tea blending skills.

After a long history involving escaping from the Reds and surviving being run by arty-types, Kusmi now have a branch on Marylebone High Street.

The shelves of the small shop are stacked high with a huge range of teas in the distinctive Kusmi tins and packets; including several interesting-looking Russian blends.

Friendly staff will help you choose; there are teas to taste and rows of open tins of leaves for you to sample the aroma. I bought a fuchsia pink tin of green rooibos for £13.60, mainly because of the tin, but the tea was good too.

Kusmi tea, londonThere is a small tea room at the back where you can enjoy a refreshing cuppa while you ponder your choices.

My pot of white tea was huge. Served in a Curve teapot (also on sale); it came with some delicious melt-in-the-mouth orange-y biscuits.

A tea-timer was set on the table with three a different colours of sand. Green – 3 mins, orange – 4 mins, yellow – 5 mins. My white tea was five.

That could also refer to the price; I was slightly shocked when I got the bill, that it the tea cost a fiver (there was no price list); but I guess this is Marylebone and white tea is expensive. It was also trés bon pot of tea.

There was also a range of wonderful sounding tarts and cakes; I would check the price before ordering though, as not on the menu.

Kusmi Tea is opposite Daunt Books one of London’s loveliest bookshops. So if you can’t find a nice tea gift, books are always appreciated.

IMG_7606IMG_7623Kusmi Tea London

Kusmi Tea London, tea
Price Kusmi Tea LondonPrice of a Cuppa : £5 Huuuge pot of white tea and lovely orangey biccies
Kusmi Tea London, Tea LeafLeaf or Bag : Leaf lots of choice
Cup of Tea in London, Tea PotCrockery : White china, tea timer
Tea shops in London with MusicMusic : None
Kusmi Tea London, LondonService : Friendly
Booking Office St Pancras foodFood : Kusmi Cake menu
Kusmi Tea LondonKitty says: A bit pricey for your everyday cuppa, but the tea is good, and the packaging beautiful
Address: Kusmi Tea London
15 Marylebone High Street
Website: Kusmi Tea

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