Kahve Dünyası, Piccadilly

Kahve dunyasi London
Jasmine Green Tea
Kahve Dünyasi
While enjoying a lovely pot of Jasmine Green tea in the wonderful Kavye Dunyasi, Turkish cafe on Piccadilly I felt an odd sense of déjå vu.

I assumed it was because I had visited last year on the recommendation of a friend.

On that occasion, I sat down and ordered cuppa, but was told they didn’t do tea (?!). Naturally I made my excuses and went elsewhere…

They must have had a lot of folk suddenly remembering they had to be elsewhere, as they now serve a range of tea; Peppermint, Chamomile, White, English breakfast etc..

I also tried a couple of macaroons. I have never had one before, but now know why they are so popular. Gorgeous papery little pillows, fluffy on outside and chewy on inside..

There are nine flavours to choose from including pistachio, rose and apricot. I particularly enjoyed the vanilla flavour. And just a pound a pop. You may also be tempted by the display cases with row after row of cakes and chocolates.

I later realised why Kahve Dünyasi felt familiar. I discovered from their website that they have branches all over Istanbul. The Eminönü branch was my favorite place for coffee and cake when I was there.

Near to the Spice Market, the magnificent Galata Bridge and the wonderfully atmospheric Sirkeci Station where the Orient Express used to terminate. The chocolate cake was especially good after a day sightseeing.
If you are ever in Istanbul I highly recommend it. Not sure you will get a cup of tea/çay though!

Kahve Dunyasi, London as the name suggests, specialises in coffee. I counted at least 15 types. Should you fancy some of the dark stuff, if it is anything like the coffee I drank in Istanbul it will be exceptionally good.

I am very pleased that the Kahve Dunyasi on Piccadilly now does tea. The central location and my newly discovered taste for macaroons means I will likely become a regular.

Kahve dunyasi Londonkahve dunyasi piccadillyIMG_0174

Kahve dunyasi London
Kahve dunyasi LondonPrice of a Cuppa : Cup £2.10, Pot £3.50 + complimentary chocolate
Kahve dunyasi LondonLeaf or Bag : Leaf in pyramid silk bags
Kahve dunyasi LondonCrockery : White china cups and teapot
Kahve dunyasi LondonMusic : Background pop
Kahve Dunyasi LondonService : Friendly
Kahve Dunyasi LondonFood : Savoury snacks, sandwiches, quiche. Gorgeous looking cakes, macaroons, ice-cream. Menu
Kahve Dunyasi LondonKitty says: Enjoyed very much the reminder of downtown Istanbul in London
Address: 200 Piccadilly
Website: kahvedunyasi.co.uk

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