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English Breakfast, Ikea Edmonton cafe
English Breakfast tea
IKEA Edmonton
It is highly unlikely that you will be on the A406 looking for a cuppa, but having been on an extended tea-break recently, due to moving flat, I have discovered they actually do a very good cuppa at IKEA.

With the bank holiday coming up, you may be doing some home improvements, so this bit of info could save you from a lot of stress.

Trips to IKEA usually start well, but can soon become disorienting. After finding myself sitting in a pretend teenagers bedroom, having lost all track of time, and with no idea how to get out, I have no choice but to take some long deep breaths and try to find a cuppa.

The cafe at Edmonton IKEA looks much like a motorway service station. I only wanted tea, so headed for the drinks counter on the right. This is actually quite pleasant – you can even see a patch of sky to remind you of the world outside.

Tea is Fairtrade Organic English Breakfast from the London Tea Company. There are other teas on offer, including chamomile, from Twinings. Naturally it is cheap, and comes with a complimentary sweet biscuit – perfect to top up your blood-sugar, restore equilibrium and prevent pre-checkout grumpiness.

Most cups of tea are pleasurable. Some are essential. Tea in IKEA Edmonton Cafe is, thankfully, both.

I hope to find my way out of IKEA soon, and return to world of culture, bookshops and London cuppas. Meanwhile..

FREE TEA ALERT: If you sign-up to be part of the IKEA Family you can enjoy complimentary tea or coffee, which has to be a very good idea.

English Breakfast tea
 Ikea EdmontonEnglish Breakfast, Ikea Edmonton cafeEnglish Breakfast, Ikea cafe Edmonton

Ikea Edmonton, Notes
Price of a Cup of Tea in Ikea EdmontonPrice of a Cuppa : 10 krona approx
Tea in London, Tea LeafLeaf or Bag : Bag. Organic, fairtrade English breakfast – a very good brew
Ikea Edmonton cafe Tea PotCrockery : White china
Tea shops in London with MusicMusic :
Cup of Tea in LondonService : Friendly
Ikea Edmonton, foodFood : Ikea food
Ikea Edmonton cafeKitty says: Essential to stop you getting too grumpy – the biscuit is a nice touch
Address: Ikea Tottenham
6 Glover Drive
N18 3HF
Website: Ikea Edmonton

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Invite your friends for tea at IKEA Edmonton:

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2 Responses to IKEA Cafe, Edmonton

  1. Fascinating! I’m a Brit living in California, and a frequent Ikea visitor. But, I always take my own teabag, as unfortunately, here they serve Liptons, not Twinings. (And there is no complimentary biccie.) As a final small insult, the only ‘milk’ on offer is creamer for coffee. Still, the opportunity to snuffle round Ikea is worth it :)

    • Kitty says:

      Hi Pauline, I think most of us in UK would forgo a little biccie for a bit of Californian sunshine at the moment! Funny – but I am just having a cup of Liptons – I know you not suppose to, but I really quite like it;)

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