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Tea Cup Kitty: Free Cat Colouring Book Page

Camellia Cat with Tea Cup. Free Colouring Page. Cat Colouring Book
Camellia Cat with Tea Cup. Free Colouring Page: HERE

Kitty’s Cat: Colouring Book for Adults

While I am not sampling the delights of tea houses around London, I am an artist and illustrator; currently enjoying the revival of colouring books, this time for adults.

I have recently published a colouring book of my own designs, based on my Mother’s cat Alys, who would often join us for a cup of tea.

To celebrate my love of cats, tea, and colouring-in, I have create a FREE limited edition cat colouring page (not in the book) for readers of Tea at Three.

Based on my cat, and covered in a pattern inspired by Camellia Sinensis, the leaves of which are used to make all types of tea; she has a nice cuppa on her head! Find it at Kitty’s Cat Colouring Book.

Kitty’s Cat: Colouring Book for Adults, is available to buy from Amazon. At under a fiver, it makes a great gift for any cat lover (yes, I know, shameless plug!). (more…)

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