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Gatwick Airport, South Terminal

Giraffe gatwick Airport
Mint Tea Yorkshire style
Bridge Bar Gatwick Airport
Yorkshire Tea
Bridge Bar
On my way to Turkey I challenged myself to find a decent cuppa at Gatwick.
I usually go to Pret, whose tea is good, but served in a paper cup, could I find a china cup among the fast-food joints?
Not thinking I would have much luck, I was pleasantly surprised to discover two places serving a decent brew:


Before checking in, just opposite the station exit at South Terminal is Giraffe. This chain has a sort of young groovy backpacker theme, with a ‘chilled-vibe’ and a nod to ‘fusion’.

They offer a good range of Teapigs tea, including darjeeling,rooibos and mao feng green, at £2 but I was curious to try ‘Moroccan’ Mint made with Yorkshire Tea (£1.95). It was very good; served in a lovely cast iron tea pot so managing to evoke Japan, Marrakesh and… Leeds.

Bridge Bar

Once through check-in, I was very happy with another pot of Yorkshire Tea, this time served in white china from the Bridge Bar.
My flight was early morning, so bleary-eyed, I was in need of tea and toast. This was far more comfortable than being perched at Pret with a cardboard cup. (more…)

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