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IKEA Cafe, Edmonton

English Breakfast, Ikea Edmonton cafe
English Breakfast tea
IKEA Edmonton
It is highly unlikely that you will be on the A406 looking for a cuppa, but having been on an extended tea-break recently, due to moving flat, I have discovered they actually do a very good cuppa at IKEA.

With the bank holiday coming up, you may be doing some home improvements, so this bit of info could save you from a lot of stress.

Trips to IKEA usually start well, but can soon become disorienting. After finding (more…)

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Little Georgia, Barnsbury Road

Tea at Little Georgia
Little Georgia
I hadn’t intended to write about the tea at Little Georgia, but a comment on my last post, Tinderbox cafe, gave new insight into the significance of the site.

As a tea lover and cricket fan, it is fantastic to discover I am living yards away from the site of an 18th century tea-garden, and the original site of Lord’s cricket ground; so I thought it worth a mention.

Rob Smith from Footprints of London kindly took the time to write: (more…)

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Tinderbox Cafe, Angel Islington

Tinderbox Cafe The Angel
Green Sencha
The Tinderbox cafe balcony floats above the entrance to the N1 shopping centre at Angel, Islington.

It’s easy to miss, but the entrance is just past the floating ‘halo’, that looks like a crown of thorns. Go up the stairs at the back of the take-away coffee booth.

The first floor opens into a long, boxy space with lots of different (more…)

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Grand Stand Upper, Lord’s Cricket Ground

Cup of Tea, Lord's Cricket Ground
PG Tips
Upper Grand Stand
Lord’s Cricket Ground
Tea at Test pt:2 (pt:1)
Cricket, lovely cricket, if ever a sporting occasion was made for the enjoyment of a cuppa, it is test match cricket.

Lasting for days, at a ponderous pace, with not too much excitement of the jump-up-and-spill-your-tea variety. There is a lunch break, a tea break, and plenty of time to nip and get a cuppa between overs.

I love this quote from my favorite film maker Jim Jarmusch, featuring my favorite band, my favorite sport and my favorite drink:

“Cricket makes no sense to me. (more…)

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Cabbie’s Shelter, Wellington Place, NW8

Tea the Cab Shelter, Wellington Place, St John's Wood
Cabman’s Shelter
Wellington Place
Tea at Test pt:1 (pt:2)

Lord’s Cricket Ground. England v South Africa 4th day; with play not starting for over an hour, I am in need of a cuppa.

I head to St John’s Wood High Street, figuring it will be the perfect place to locate a fragrant patisserie in whose window I can sit and watch the world go by with a nice pot of something.

Mmm…ordinarily, no doubt, but on the morning of a Test Match, everywhere is chockas (as Blowers would say).

But lo!..a lovely emerald green cabman’s shelter! I have always wanted to go in one of these, and this enterprising one is open on a Sunday (more…)

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Place-with-No-Name*, Caledonian Road

327 Caledonian Road
English Breakfast
327 Caledonian Road
Sitting on the top deck of the 91 bus one day, my Dad proclaimed that everything on the Cally is called ‘Caledonian’. He has a point. Caledonian Dry cleaners, Caledonian Kebabs, Caledonian Internet solutions.
The caff opposite the prison has it’s own idea – the ‘Breakout’. I imagine a tunnel leading to egg, chips, and a cuppa – the first taste of freedom!.

One day, I spot a new shop; freshly painted in slate-grey with bare woodwork and white tiles. I wait for a name to appear. Nothing for a while, then a small, hand-written sign in the window – ‘Scambled Eggs with Pancetta’. Hey a cafe! They will have tea! (more…)

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Bill’s, White Lion Street, Islington

Darjeeling, Bills cafe
Huge Pot Of Darjeeling
the Angel

Bill’s cafe and grocery store was established in Lewes, East Sussex in 2001, and has branches in London and the South East.
This spacious emporium at the Angel, Islington is colourful, with a vibrant atmosphere, brightening up this non-descript side street.

I was most impressed by my enormous blue enamel teapot of Darjeeling, at £1.85 a real bargain. So, if like me, you can quaff tea by the pint, then this is the place for you. Made with two teabags of Twinings, it was very good indeed.


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Candid Café, Angel, Islington

Green Tea, Candid Cafe, Angel, Islington
Angelic Green Tea
Candid Arts Cafe
Tucked away in Torrens Street, behind the Angel tube station is a converted warehouse, home to the Candid Arts Trust.

They promote the arts via an artists network, along with studio hire, life-drawing classes. and are to host regular art fairs and annual degree shows.

The Café is on second floor, up a scruffy staircase, as befits the bohemian vibe – don’t be fazed – keep going you are in right place! (more…)

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