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The Restaurant St Paul’s Cathedral

Restaurant St Pauls cathedral
St Pauls Cathedral
Wandering through the City after seeing the Cheapside Hoard at the Museum of London, I thought I saw an emerald on the pavement. It was just a bit of broken glass, but such is the effect of the treasures on show.

I recommend the exhibition to anyone interested in London – layers of history are peeled away to a magical place just beneath our feet. Magnifying glasses are provided, and I particularly enjoyed studying the amazing detail in the accompanying paintings.

I later came to St Paul’s Cathedral and decided to stop for tea.
The crypt has a self-service cafe, where (more…)

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tea, St Paul’s

Tea, St Paul's, Cup of tea London
Monkey Picked Oolong
St Paul’s

**Update: October 2012**

Sadly tea, is no longer trading from St Paul’s. However you can still buy a fantastic range of award-winning teas at wearetea. The service is great, and I particularly recommend the monkey-picked oolong.
The following is taken from their website:

Unfortunately, due to a number of contributing factors including, the occupation of St. Paul’s Cathedral and an intractable landlord/City of London we no longer have our tea shop at St. Paul’s Cathedral although it lives on in spirit.

I hope they find a more suitable premises one fine day.

tea. is a lovely teashop in the shadow of St Paul’s cathedral with a great range of award-winning teas.
The simple sign with the one word: tea lure you in. The interior is calm and unfussy, in a way that suggests a lot of care. Soothing sage green, grey painted beams, scrubbed oak tables and green glazed tiles. It is obviously a popular spot, but despite being a smallish space, and quite full when I visit, it didn’t feel cramped, the high windows let in lots of light so it feels quite spacious.

I chose a pot of Monkey Picked Oolong. The name comes from a legend that Monkeys were trained to pick the leaves from inaccessible wild bushes (more…)

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