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London Review Cake Shop, Bloomsbury

London Review Cafe Bloomsbury
White Peony with Rosebuds
London Review Cake Shop
The London Review Bookshop is one of London’s finest. A lovely, peaceful book-lover’s oasis in Bloomsbury, and just steps away from the British Museum. It also has a tea and cake shop.

I am greeted by lady with a lovely warm smile and handed a tea menu.
This lists an impressive choice of teas from Jing, including silver needles and phoenix honey orchid oolong.

There is a description of each tea with a QR code which links to videos about the tea and how it is produced.
I chose a white peony with whole rosebuds which was served in a pretty (more…)

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Foundling Museum Cafe, Brunswick Square

Twining's English Breakfast, Foundling Museum Cafe, Brunswick Square
Twining’s English Breakfast
Foundling Museum Cafe

The Foundling Museum tells the intriguing story of a sailor (Thomas Coram), a painter (William Hogarth), a musician (Handel) and their role in the foundation of Britain’s first home for abandoned children.

Eighteenth century London was a squalid and miserable place for much of the population. 75% of children died before the age of 5 years – 90% of those in the workhouse.
The Foundling Hospital was established in 1739 after a long campaign by philanthropist Coram.

George Frideric Handel conducted concerts to raise funds. Hogarth (more…)

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Patisserie Deux Amis, Bloomsbury

Patisserie Deux Amis, Judd Street, Kings Cross
Green Tea
Patisserie Deux Amis

This delightful French cafe on Judd Street is easy to miss, so I was pleased to come across it on a stroll through Bloomsbury on a summer Sunday afternoon.

Patisserie deux Amis is pretty in a French cafe style, with bistro chairs, white paper table cloths, plaster cherubs, etched glass mirrors and sage green paintwork.

I ordered tea and sat by an open window in the back room, overlooking a small garden. It was lovely and peaceful, with a gentle breeze, a Chopin nocturne on R3 in the background – it felt good to have (more…)

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Damson, St. Giles High Street

Damson Cafe, St. Giles High Street
Silver Tips
White Tea

Damson is perched on the corner of New Compton Street and St Giles High Street. The hand-painted sign and soft grey-green painted woodwork make a refreshing, almost defiant, contrast to the branding in the imposing Stickle Brick fortress of Central St Giles in whose shadow it sits.

I received a friendly welcome and chose a pot Silver Tips White Tea from a list that included Jasmine Pearls, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chai and Rooibos. My pot of tea, which was brought to my table, was lovely, light and refreshing.

The pleasant interior is fresh and airy with high-shuttered windows. Recycled wood and stained-glass (more…)

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Camera Cafe, Bloomsbury

Camera Cafe, Bloomsbury
Pot of Tea
Camera Cafe

Opposite the British Museum among the postcard shops and a few uninspiring looking cafes is Aperture Camera shop.
Glass cabinets display an amazing array of lenses and photographic paraphernalia.
Go to the back of the shop, and, as if walking through the looking-glass, it transmutes into a delightful little cafe!

Camera Cafe is small and cosy, with a laid-back, jazzy, bohemian feel. There are shelves of photography books, boards games and National Geographic Magazines.


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Orchard, Sicilian Avenue

Green tea Orchard Sicilian Avenue
Green tea
Sicilian Avenue

Finding myself in Holborn one evening, caught in a shower without an umbrella. A bit damp, sore feet and slightly peckish. In need of a cuppa and some sustenance. I cut across Sicilian Avenue heading to bus stop, but saw – Orchard – Vegetarian Kitchen and Grocer! The goddess of teatime is smiling on me!

A warm welcome, and minutes later, a pot of green tea!
I had intended to stay just (more…)

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Tea and Tattle, Bloomsbury

Tea and Tattle, Bloomsbury
Tea and Tattle
Arthur Probsthain is an independent family-run bookshop, established in 1903.
Specialising in books from and about, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, with a branch at the School of African and Oriental Studies.
My favorite places to visit are India and Turkey, so coming across this bookshop was a very happy discovery indeed.

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British Museum Court Restaurant

Tea British Museum Restaurant
Chamomile Tea
British Museum

The Court Restaurant has a stunning setting at the top of the stone staircase that rises above the Great Court of the British Museum.

This extraordinary space surrounds the former British Library Reading Room, enclosed by Foster & Partners spectacular glass roof – constructed from 3,312 panes of glass, each one different.

The restaurant is almost at the roof, and is bathed in a suffuse light that changes with the weather.


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