Place-with-No-Name*, Caledonian Road

327 Caledonian Road
English Breakfast
327 Caledonian Road
Sitting on the top deck of the 91 bus one day, my Dad proclaimed that everything on the Cally is called ‘Caledonian’. He has a point. Caledonian Dry cleaners, Caledonian Kebabs, Caledonian Internet solutions.
The caff opposite the prison has it’s own idea – the ‘Breakout’. I imagine a tunnel leading to egg, chips, and a cuppa – the first taste of freedom!.

One day, I spot a new shop; freshly painted in slate-grey with bare woodwork and white tiles. I wait for a name to appear. Nothing for a while, then a small, hand-written sign in the window – ‘Scambled Eggs with Pancetta’. Hey a cafe! They will have tea!

On investigation it is really delightful. A lovely, bright space, simply furnished, with a laid back vibe and Johnny Cash playing in the background; the Man-in-Black, in the Caff-with-No-Name.

My pot of Twinings English Breakfast was served in a chunky white china pot and pretty cup. A carafe of water with fresh mint and lemon was brought to the table without asking, which was a much appreciated touch on a humid London afternoon.

I asked the girl who served me what the place is called and she said ‘327’; the street number. They don’t have a website. So how do you find it? It is on the left, coming from Kings X; opposite Caledonian Road and Barnsbury Station, next door to Caledonian Joinery, and not as far as Cally Pets. I hope I don’t go past next week and find they have renamed it the Caledonian Cafe.

‘327’ is open till 9.30 and offers fantastic sounding Italian food, including risotto.

*UPDATE 27/3/2013:

The Place-with-no-name, now has a name – CUCINA 327

327 Caledonian Road is now has a painted sign: Cucina 327. Thanks to the lovely Dina at Rate My Bistro for letting me know.

327 Caledonian Road327 Caledonian Road327 Caledonian Road

Tea at Three, Tea in London Notes
Price of a Cup of Tea in LondonPrice of a Cuppa : Pot of Twinings English Breakfast £2
Tea in London, Tea LeafLeaf or Bag : Bag
Cup of Tea in London, Tea PotCrockery : Chunky white pot and ‘vintage’ cup
Tea shops in London with MusicMusic : Johnny Cash. Five mins from prison
Cup of Tea in LondonService : Very charming
Kitty Blake Little TeapotKitty says: Excellent spot for gazing out of window. Open till 9.30
Food: Italian food, which sounded excellent
Address: 327 Caledonian Road
Website: None

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